What We Do.

We Design and

Build Websites

Our Design Process

PLMC provide services custom designed and tailored to your business needs in a short period of time and in a stress-free manner.
We deliver a final product that ensures functionality and ease of use.

Project Design

We’ll sit down and discuss your project requirements and solutions to your design needs. Then we’ll articulate and develop the creative design concepts. We’ll come back to you making sure we’re on the same page.

Web Design

Our team will gather source material that you provide. Design your project focussing on mobile first, SEO optimisation and Accessibility compliance. Each project goes through performance testing ensuring pages load as they should and load quickly.

Project Management

Each project undergoes a comprehensive Project Plan designed to develop and execute projects systematically to completion. Your project will not be complete until client sign-off stating acceptance of the final project.

Our Services

The IT Industry is in constant change, experience is only as good as keeping up with the latest changes in the IT Industry.
Our training is fresh, we have been studying the new Industry practices and we know what is out there, what is current and what is coming.
We make sure we know our stuff and continue to persue the latest in tech.

Quick Response

Site content is visible within milliseconds the moment someone drops in


Making sure that your business is seen at the top of search results


Ensuring your content is viewable by everyone, no matter their challenges


Automated trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Easily manage the content of your website without dire consequences

Additional Services

Custom solution project management, design, development and delivery

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