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Responsive Design

All websites are designed on a mobile first basis. Ensuring the visit to any web page is logically and aesthetically pleasing.

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“As more people work from home. There’s never been a better time for Businesses to get online”
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Why Every Business should be Online

Google Search Statistics 2020



of Consumers conduct online research BEFORE MAKING A PURCHASE.



    of Consumers are likely to purchase when offered Discounts & Promotions based on past purchases.


    growth in New Technology Health Trends

    We Build Websites


    of Shoppers are likely to purchase from a site that helps them find answers easily.



    increase in Consumers searching for “NEAR ME” as they look for local businesses.


    increase for sustainable product searches.

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    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is where each searched word or words are targeted to reach your website business.

    SEO can be improved by using strategically targeted words throughout your website, by including Social Media that links back to your site and by numerous advertising methods such as AdWords.

    PLMC can help you strategise towards an improved SEO that gets you found.

    Affordable Websites for Local Businesses

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    We Build Websites


    Designing a fast and effective shopping experience for every visit. Shopping should be fun and we make sure the experience is pleasant and fun.
    E-commerce is your silent sales professional that works 24/7 without complaint.

    Social Media

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    Questions and Answers

    Why choose a professional web design service?

         A professional web designer takes all the stress out of providing a fully functional customised website.

         PLMC offers to discuss business website needs and requirements free of charge including development, costs, marketing and e-commerce. Our focus is on responsive design, ease of use, navigation friendly and fast loading.


    Why not use the free website builders online?

         Many of the free self website builders require you to sign up to a fee paid hosting service. You may not own your website or be able to take it with you if you choose another hosting service. The design may be heavily templated. You don’t get the support to be able to discuss changes and the ability to value add such as advanced seo or apps.


    What do I need to know before choosing to design my own website?

         Designing your own website can be tricky, you need to be a little bit tech savvy, have some design skills and know what you want. It can take time and things can go wrong.

    Did you know? Netflix, Disney and Target have all faced lawsuits alleging their websites offer poor accessibility for the disabled. The Guardian, Australian Edition

         PLMC design tailor make websites that are compliant with the Australian Web Standards as well as compliant with Accessibility Standards and fully tested for functionality and speed.


    What could a website cost to build?

         PLMC ball park pricing; A simple website with strict pre-requisites starts from $550.00, with a turn around of roughly a week. A base website can start from $2500 to $5000 depending on it’s complexity, with a turn around from roughly 4 to 8 weeks. A complex website could start at $10,000 and could take a few months.


    What additional services can be added?

         PLMC provide additional services which include training and documentation. Integrations such as SMS, bookings, inventory management, time and attendance.


    What is the benefit of having an online presence?

         An online presence provides the opportunity for new visitors, promotion of services and products and to reach out to the community.

         A well designed website will increase traffic, encourage clients to stay longer and build reputation in the community.

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